Comprehensive Solution for Tail Spend Management

About Vpurchase4u

Vpurchase4u is an entity with innovative services which was established under the umbrella of ASC Group- with a modest set of services. Over a span of three years, Vpurchase4u has helped several multinational companies in managing most of their vendors’ management/ payments with full statutory and GST compliances. In cases where off site events payments were done through Vpurchase4u in PAN India, our clients could save the budget cost 18-28 %. By way of availing GST input/ rental discounts.

The services offered to our clients are aimed at procurement of supplies for their companies with ease & speed, maximize GST benefits, facilitate platform for better negotiations with best possible corporate discounts from most suppliers. In past 25 years legacy, ASC group has built dedicated teams across its verticals. The teams offer tailor-made solutions and contribute in clients’ growth and progress.

Why Vpurchase4u

A unique concept offering services to enhance and improvise the business operations of organizations. Vpurchase4u provides tailor made services for managing procurement/payments solutions Pan India, which will drastically help you reduce the overall costs and save up-to 2-3% to your bottom line, on direct and indirect costs, suppliers and dealers/distributors payouts in quick and secured manner.

  • We provide flexibility to your company in dealing with a larger number/ preferred suppliers without the need of Vendor Setups
  • Supported by in house Finance/GST/Legal/Audit/HR team for solutions in any complexity
  • Focus on the key strategic decisions and let us deal with issues related to vendors or their payments
  • Pay your suppliers in 24 hours through us - let your Suppliers provide you services at enhanced efficiency & lower profit margins.
  • We can make incentive payments to your employees/ customers by Bank Transfer, Paytm or UPI.
  • All burdens of GST/ TDS activities & compliances will be taken care of by Vpurchase4u.
  • As we are registered in 20 states, availing of GST is easy which was not possible earlier.
  • No OTV one-time vendor hassle
  • Single TDS certificate to Vpurchase4u

Case studies and testimonials

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